Sunday, November 19, 2017

Choir Leadership Excellence #10

I showed the C.A.R.E values at the horn castle arena we preformed all of our songs to the audience and they loved the whole program and we we´re all tired after the music festival the music festivals prime supporter was Lions music festival the theme of the whole program.

Choir Leadership Excellence #9

we went to the horn castle arena for a practice of the songs and when we we´re doing Africa the song we learnt a rain thunder thing to make the song cool because we we´re jumping up and down to make a thunder sound we we´re making friction and then clicking our fingers and patting our legs the jumping up and down for the thunder.

Garden Club Leadership Excellence #8

We we´re sawing again today as well as screwing screws to make board outline for the design we have been making and we had to saw the wood at average 500 cm and we had to screw 12 different screws into the board so it would be stable enough for the design. 

Garden Club Leadership Excellence #7

We we´re sawing wood and painting some of the river bed items because we are making a future river where we are going to tip water down the hole and i will flow though the river bed that we are making.
We have used some of the leftover school gear because our school is having a rebuild.

Choir Leadership Excellence #6

We we´re getting prepared for the music festival by going over all the songs and I showed the C.A.R.E values because we had some technical difficulty´s  because the computer was taking a while to load and getting onto the songs.

Choir Leadership Excellence #5

I showed the respect value by listing the teacher when we we´re learning the songs eg: What do I Know ( By Ed Sheeran )  and People Help The People ( By Birdy ) and gettin the orders for the music festival songs like Africa Summertime In The Bleak Mid Winter.