Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Flag referendum

Walt write a text that will persuade others  

                                               NZ should keep the current flag 

In my opinion we should keep New Zealand’s current flag.

My first and most important reason is that if we get rid of the flag that we have now all of the war memories and what we fought for will wash away. People who need help and they got help it will wash away by getting a new flag and all the the fun things that we've done with the flag will become distant.

My second reason is that the flag now shows us what we've achieved and what we've been through, like we won gold medals from the Olympics and Rugby World Cup two times in a row. This ensign has given us good luck. I mean we were the first country to be able to win the Rugby World Cup two times in a row and I mean that's impressive.

My last reason is that it's wasting a lot of money and I know that John Key has spent some money on the schools and people that need help. But that's  only a small part of it because they’re wasting 26 million dollars and if we spent all of it on unhealthy people and schools we would have very great schools and people would be healthy because they would have a house, food and water.

I therefore believe that we should keep the flag.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Reflection on Waipara Camp

The Big Jump

We read a story about kids going to camp. You had to make a graph about how the character was feeling during the story and describe what made them feel like that.