Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Model of Alcatraz home learning

I have made a model of Alcatraz in terraria. It has taken more than 8 hours (4 hours on minecraft and 4 and 30 minutes on terraria) because I started making it on another pixel game minecraft and then that didn't give me the reflection I wanted, so I started on terraria. Some of the things in the prison I could not make because they weren't in the game (eg. Shower so I used bathtub as a representative as a shower)  so, here are a few pictures of the prison 

This is a for police to come over with prisoners or go back to San Francisco 

Then this is some of the cells 

This is the other end of the island that Alcatraz is on (The ocean is bigger than it looks because it goes out)

I had to put a table and chair in the cells so there was people in the cells and because there is no prisoners in terraria so that's why there is tables and chairs in the rooms and why there is people in the cells. I have also researched Alcatraz. It is a stranded island where the people go who committed the worst crimes but it is closed now and the tours around Alcatraz and it is located by San Fransisco. 

This the cafeteria where the prisoners go to eat

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