Sunday, June 19, 2016


WALT Constantly read to understand the meaning

I watched and read on LEARNZ website to be able to get these facts from learnz wetland biodiversity- exploring a rare inland high country ecosystem. This wetland is in South Canterbury.

These are some facts about what are in the wetlands
Wetlands filter water.
Wetlands are the earth's kidneys. 
The wetland has many types of different birds eg  Kereru, Pūkeko and  Whio.
There are a lot of fish in the Wetlands like īnanga, tuna and eels.
There are pests like stoat and ferrets.
There are wonderful species.
Some of the species are endangered like black billed gull.
There are over 50 species living there.
 Wetlands are big ponds of ducks and birds and plants like flax and raupo. 
Īnanga are baby whitebait.
My next step is to know what different words mean

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