Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Red foxes information

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Majestic Red Foxes
The red fox is the largest true fox and it's a omnivore. This is not the only type of fox,  there are many other species of foxes. But you are reading about the red fox, it is a stealthy(sneaky) fox.

The red fox has an appearance of red and orange fur on its body. The fox has some black on its tail and  it has white fur on its stomach.


The fox is an omnivore, it eats plants and meat and hunts for food like sheep and possums . The majestic red fox  eats berries and other sources of food, they can find out in the wild.

Habitat and Where
England have them, as Red foxes live in Europe, but this is not the red fox that lives in America. They live in grasslands, forests and other areas and in the city with humans. Some people have them as pets.

England is trying to protect the majestic red fox,because people are trying to kill the foxes and there is a species called the city fox. Some people have foxes as pets so they keep the foxes out of the way of the hunters.
Special Features
Foxes can hear from far away areas and could hear constant ticking from your watch. 

I think this animal is different than others , and this is my Red Foxes info.

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