Thursday, June 16, 2016


Walt describe Different habitats in New Zealand and species that live in them

Write an introduction
Write a paragraph describing each creature and the habitat
Write a conclusion
Add detail about the habitat eg
Plants, landscape, temperature, weather, animals living there
Add detail about the creatures eg Appearance
Species they belong to
If endangered
Use detail and descriptive words  

I have created a New Zealand Wetlands habitat and included 4 creatures that live there, two endemic, one native and one introduced.

The Wetlands have streams of water, lakes and grass everywhere; it's a muddy, cold place that acts like the earth's kidneys. It also acts like an airport, bed and breakfast, nest, sieve, sponge for the creatures that live there. It's a place for birds to refuel their energy and go back to flying. The Wetlands have flaxes and cabbage trees. The temperature can be cooler that areas around it due to the amount of water in the wetlands.

The pūkeko is a native bird it belongs to the rail family of birds and is a common bird in the Wetlands it's very social bird but can be very vicious and eats little chicks. The pūkeko is 51 centimeter  tall and feeds of the ground this bird is a flightless bird the pukeko lives here because of the food on the ground it can scavenge. The appearance of the pukeko is a blue neck and black body and a orange beak.

The blue duck/Whio are an endemic species in NZ they are very rare to find at the Travis Wetlands. The blue duck is about 53 centimeters tall the Whio is apart of the beaked family. They live in the habitat to swim in the ponds and streams of the Wetlands and eat the invertebrates. The appearance is blue body black head and yellow eyes.

The stoat is a introduced common pest that jumps around and lives in this habitat to get food of them. They’re about 31 centimeters tall and there apart of the mustelid family. They are carnivores and they also try to take down the birds to eat them one stoat took down a rabbit 7 times the size of it. The appearance is white and black tail and eyes.

The Black Billed Gull is the only endemic gull in New Zealand their 37 centimeters tall. This species is in critical state to being extinct they are apart of the gull family they don’t breed till 2-3 years old. They are also called Buller’s gull they live in the Wetlands because because that is where their food supply is. Their appearance is a white body,  black under wing, black tail and black eyes.

The Pukeko, Buller’s gull, Whio, Stoat all live in the New Zealand Wetlands  

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